PSM Insight

PSM Insight (PSMI) is a free PC-based software tool that automates the Practical Software Measurement (PSM) process. PSM Insight includes tailoring, data entry, and analysis functions to help you develop a project-specific software measurement database and analyses. While PSM Insight provides templates of commonly-used issues and measures, it is also completely flexible for you to customize analysis to project-specific needs.  Highlights...

PSM Insight is sponsored by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army Software Metrics Office.

Find answers to your questions about installing, implementing, and tailoring the PSM Insight software.

Click on a link to download PSM Insight or its supporting products.  (Note: The Product Tour and User's Manual are included in the software download.)

Practical Software Measurement: Objective Information for Decision Makers is the definitive guide to PSM.

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12th Annual July 2008

PSM Insight Software

Version 4.2.3 (6/12/07)

Note: The Product Tour and User's Manual are included in this download.


User's Manual

Userdoc.zip (703 KB)

The PSM Insight User's Manual presents guidance in the preparation and use of the PSM Insight software.


Product Tour

Tour.zip (513 KB)

The Product Tour provides a brief description of the PSM Insight software and its basic features.



Psmidemo.exe (17,178 KB)

The PSMI Demo is a 20-minute self-running introduction to using the software.  You must copy and run the Demo from your hard drive. The Demo includes audio and screen videos.


Computer-Based Tutorial

The PSM Insight Computer-Based Tutorial teaches all the basic PSM Insight functionality in 14 interactive lessons (with audio and screen videos). It is also available for purchase at a minimal fee.


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