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Measures for Success: Lessons Learned from Applying PSM

September 2004

This presentation discusses the lessons learned when planning and performing measurement across various organizations.

Understanding the Roots of Process Performance Failure 

By Dr. Robert Charette, Laura M. Dwinnell, and John McGarry, CrossTalk, August 2004

Despite an increased process focus within Department of Defense (DoD) programs over the past 15 years, there is an increasing gap between program cost, schedule, and technical performance requirements and the capability of program teams to realize them. In our recent analysis of the results of 23 DoD program assessments, process performance shortfalls were identified as a primary factor underlying the inability of the programs to meet their acquisition objectives and technical performance requirements. Our analysis showed that nine out of every 10 DoD programs that were assessed exhibited process performance shortfalls – program teams were unable to specify, design, integrate, or execute development processes that met the specific needs of their unique programs. Given the increase in technical and management complexity of future DoD programs, and the trend toward massive systems of systems, our analysis projects that this process-related performance gap will widen. View the article.

Implementing a Successful Measurement Program: Tried and True Practices and Tools

By Cheryl Jones, Cutter IT Journal, November 2003

PSM defines a practical, information-driven measurement process, along with consistent measurement concepts. This article discusses these basic concepts as they are described in the book Practical Software Measurement.

Status Report: Practical Software Measurement

By David Card & Cheryl Jones, November 2003

This article summarizes the basic concepts of Practical Software Measurement (PSM), explains their relationship to prior work, then describes the status of its transition into practice within the software industry.

Safety Process Measurement - A Review

By Paul Caseley, 6 May 2003

For a system to operate safely operators, suppliers and developers must ensure that all the safety aspects of the system have been considered and assessed as safe. Safety processes are used to assess and measure the safety risk of a system, its operations and procedures. This report reviews methods that can measure management, effectiveness and quality of safety processes, not how the safety of a system is measured and justified. Much of the context of the report is from a United Kingdom Ministry Of Defence (MOD) safety perspective but much of its content is equally applicable to other industry safety domains.

Systemic Analysis of Software Intensive System Acquisition Issues

By Jack McGarry, 29 April 2003

This presentation discusses recurring systemic issues that impact performance across the DoD program base.

Using PSM to Implement Measurement in a CMMI Process Improvement Environment

By Cheryl Jones, 28 April 2003

This is a presentation from the 2003 Software Technology Conference (STC).  The presentation: (1) describes the measurement process; (2) discusses the TACOM-ARDEC CMMI-Based Process Improvement; and (3) how to use PSM to fulfill measurement requirements.

Making Measurement Work

By Cheryl Jones, CrossTalk, January 2003

A successful measurement process becomes a way of doing business. Measurement is embedded in the organization, and performance improves because people are making fact-based decisions. This article describes characteristics of successful measurement programs using the Practical Software and Systems Measurement Initiative guidance.

Measuring and Benchmarking DoD Applications Development Performance Using Systemic Analysis

By Jack McGarry, 11 December 2002

This is a presentation from the Measuring and Benchmarking the IT Function for Government Conference (11 December 2002). The presentation: (1) conveys what we have learned through a systemic “Cross Project” analysis of multiple software intensive DOD IT projects; (2) identifies some of the recurring factors that materially impact software intensive IT acquisition and development efforts; and (3) introduces the DoD’s approach to Enterprise Project Performance Benchmarking.

Integrating PSM and the Balanced Scorecard

By David Card, 26 March 2002

This presentation discusses the integration of PSM and the Balanced Scorecard.

Tailoring and Implementing an Organization Measurement Process

Insight – The Army’s Software Metrics Office (ASMO) Newsletter, Spring 2002

In February 2002, the Software Enterprise of TACOM-ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, was the first U.S. government organization to successfully achieve a formal Level 3 assessment under the CMMI. This was the culmination of several years of organizational process improvement activities. The underlying, critical task was to define a set of measures that not only addressed the management goals of TACOM-ARDEC, but also supported the information needs of fourteen diverse projects within the Software Enterprise.

Measurement Tailoring Workshops

Army Software Metrics Office (ASMO) Newsletter, Spring & Summer 1999

This article provides a roadmap to conduct an effective Measurement Tailoring Workshop.

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