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Representative Garry Roedler
Address P.O. Box 8048
Building 100, Room M7035
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Phone 610-354-3625
Fax 610-354-7412
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Qualified Instructors Don Gantzer, Chris Miller, Garry Roedler
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The International Council on Systems Engineering is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1990 to develop, nurture and enhance the system engineering approach to multi-disciplinary system product development to enable the realization of successful systems. Through its Process and Improvement Technical Committee and Measurement Working Group (MWG), INCOSE has been a leader in the development and transition of Systems Engineering Measurement guidance. The MWG promotes a shared understanding and advancement of systems engineering measures, measurement practices, measurement tools/support, and the overall measurement process. It focuses on:

  • Unification of Measurement Guidance

  • Industry Association Collaboration

  • Publication in Systems Measurement

  • Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM)

  • Real-life, Proven, and Validated Experience

  • Training and Tools for Systems Measurement

  • Research In Measurement

  • Integrate Measurement into INCOSE Product Line

Related Products and Services

INCOSE provides the following products and services that aid measurement of systems and SE:

  • SE Measurement Primer and Metrics Guidebook for Integrated Systems and Product Development.

  • INCOSE International Symposium includes a measurement track (proceedings available).

  • Jointly sponsored conferences with other technical/professional organizations, including PSM. INCOSE is a co-sponsor of the PSM Users’ Conference.

  • Quarterly INCOSE Insight newsletter contains a regular column on Frequently Asked Questions about SE measurement. Two past issues have been focused entirely on measurement.

  • Quarterly “Systems Engineering: The Journal of the International Council on Systems Engineering” often contains leading edge applications or research that is measurement related.

  • Measurement tool requirements to support the INCOSE and PSM measurement approach.

  • Tools database with current information on measurement tool capabilities versus tool requirements.

  • SE Speaker’s Bureau to provide qualified speakers, including SE Measurement.

  • Participation in the development and review of SE and measurement related standards.

  • Key contributor to USC’s development of a SE cost estimation tool called COSYSMO.

  • Papers/panels on measurement (risk, small projects, effectiveness assessment, and requirements in standards & models).

  • Standard SE Measurement Process briefing with presenter and tailoring notes.

  • Current work in measurement of technical products, risk, and small projects; reusable measurement products; a measurement process scenario for standard AP233; an update to the SE Measurement Primer; and an evaluation of measurement state-of-the-practice.

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*Not all of the TWG members from the organization are listed. Those listed have been significantly involved with the PSM project in the last 2 years and/or have been qualified to teach previous versions of PSM.

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