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About Transition Organizations

One of the primary goals of the Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) project is to transition the issue-drive measurement process into everyday practice. This includes delivering all PSM products and services to a diverse customer base and helping to establish measurement practices for a variety of individual projects and organizations.

A number of government and industry partners are participating in these efforts by becoming PSM Transition Organizations. Transition Organizations help bring PSM products and services to a wider audience, while bringing the benefits of extended PSM expertise to their own organizations and clients. Your organization and its designated contact person(s) will establish and extend their measurement expertise by:

  • Participating in meetings and sharing ideas through workshops
  • Participating in the latest in PSM training
  • Serving as qualified PSM trainers
  • Receiving regular updates of official PSM materials, including measurement guidance, training materials, presentation slides, and PSM Insight software
  • Helping to shape PSM products and services
  • Using the PSM logo
  • Reproducing and distributing official PSM products and materials
  • Applying PSM expertise within your own or other organizations
  • Providing PSM products to your customers (on a cost-recovery basis only)
  • Marketing PSM services for profit

To maintain the quality of the PSM products and services, Transition Organizations agree to the commitments outlined in the PSM Transition Organization package. In general, the PSM Support Center agrees to provide up-to-date materials; including training course updates, PSM Briefings, and workshop support packages. In return, the Transition Organization agrees to regular participation in training, teaching, User’s Group and Technical Working Group meetings, and the development of official PSM products and services. Trainers must also sign a written agreement that specifies the general and course-specific trainer requirements.

How to Become a Transition Organization

If you are interested in becoming a PSM Transition Organization, please review the complete Transition Organization package, or contact the PSM Support Center at 703-405-2191 or PSM Support Center.

Contact a Transition Organization

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Practical Software Measurement: Objective Information for Decision Makers is the definitive guide to PSM.

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