Objective Information for Decision Makers

Vail, Colorado
21-24 July 1997


Training & Workshops
Photos  (Courtesy of Paul Janusz)


  Date Presentation Description Presenter
1 7/21/97 Conference Welcome and Announcements   Cheryl Jones (Conference Chair)
2 7/21/97 PSM Project Update   Jack McGarry (PSM Project Manager)
3 7/21/97 Return on Investment from a Software Measurement Program Examines the costs of developing and sustaining a measurement program, as well as the quantitative and qualitative return on investment. Based on experiences implementing measurement on the Air Force's Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensors program, consisting of seven products currently in maintenance. George Stark (The MITRE Corporation)
4 7/21/97 Implementing PSM at USSTRATCOM Describes the progress STRATCOM has made in implementing PSM over the last six months, from awareness education to planning to deployment. Includes a discussion of how measurement is used on current software programs. Maj. Thomas Neff (U.S. Air Force)
5 7/21/97 Functional Size Measurement Provides an introduction to Function Point counting and shows how this measure can be used throughout a software project. Carol Dekkers (Quality Plus, Inc.)
6 7/22/97 Keynote: Measurement at Lockheed Martin Describes Lockheed Martin's role as a PSM transition partner, and outlines their strategy for implementing software measurement (and PSM in particular) across the company's diverse software development organizations. Joan Weszka (Lockheed Martin)
7 7/22/97 Risk Management and PSM An overview of the formal methods available to identify, monitor and manage risk on software projects. Describes how risk management can be used in conjunction with PSM's tailoring process to identify the issues which need to be measured throughout a program's life cycle. Bob Charette (ITABHI Corporation)
8 7/22/97 PSM Insight Demonstration and Workshop Introduction Provides a brief demonstration of the beta version of PSM Insight, the stand alone PC-based software application which automates the PSM guidance. Dave Morris (Independent Engineering, Inc.)
9 7/22/97 Introduction to Conference Workshops: Guidance,
Product Engineering,
Systems Engineering,
10 7/22/97 Transition and Development Partners Panel: Presentation-Jones,
Brief overviews of the status of implementing PSM in various government agencies and industry organizations. Panel will answer questions about the realities of implementing software measurement, and will provide practical advice to attendees. Tamara Chisim (FAA), Scott Lucero (Army SMO), Bruce Allgood (Air Force ESIPI STSC), Cheryl Jones (NUWC), and David Card (Lockheed Martin)
11 7/22/97 Software Estimation Techniques: Presentation-Bailey,
A survey of software estimation techniques which can be used to develop feasible project plans and monitor development progress. Betsy Bailey (Software Metrics, Inc.), and Doug Putnam (QSM)
12 7/22/97 Conference Dinner with Keynote: PSM and the FAA Practical advice on implementing PSM in a government agency, including how to sell top management on the importance of the investment, breaking down resistance to measurement, and how measurement is used in process improvement efforts at the FM. Art Pyster (FAA)
13 7/24/97 Conference Workshop Summaries: Product Engineering Summary,
PSM Insight Summary,
Guidance Summary,
Systems Engineering Summary
A summary of issues, results, and recommendations from each of the four workshops.  
14 7/24/97 Lessons Learned Adapting the PSM Process Will review recent experiences where PSM has been tailored to meet specific program needs including the integration of systems issues, very large projects, and implementing measurement midstream. Cheryl Jones (PSM Support Center)
15 7/24/97 Software Standards An update on current and emerging government, U.S., and international standards, and their relationship to software measurement. Perry DeWeese (Lockheed Martin)
16 7/24/97 Closing Remarks Final remarks on the short and long-term goals for the PSM initiative, how to get help, and feedback from attendees on the conference. Jack McGarry (PSM Project Manager)

Training & Workshops

  Title Description Lead
1 PSM 1/2 Day Training Course This course provides an overview of the guidance included in Practical Software Measurement: A Guide to Objective Program Insight (PSM). Intended for attendees with no prior PSM experience. Cheryl Jones (PSM Support Center), and Beth Layman (Lockheed Martin)
2 PSM Guidance Planning & Feedback Session This workshop will review the plans for updating the existing PSM guidance and for producing new measurement guidance. Topics will include software estimation, the measurement analysis process, measurement for maintenance, and incorporation of risk management into the PSM tailoring process. Jack McGarry (NUWC), and Dave Card (Lockheed Martin)
3 PSM Insight Measurement Tool Beta Test Review & Feedback Session Beta Testers for PSM Insight will be able to work with the tool development team to 1) install the tool on their machines, 2) review tool features and capabilities, 3) review beta test producedures and feedback mechanisms, and 4) provide immediate feedback for Release 1.0. Dave Morris (IEI), and Scott Lucero (Army Metrics Office)
4 Measurement for Software Product Engineering Session This workshop will define an approach for integrating more detailed software product measures into PSM. Software product-related issues and measures needed to monitor and ensure software quality will be defined. James Arthur (VPI), and Ed Dudash (NSWC)
5 Measurement for Systems Engineering Session This workshop will investigate the needs and define an approach for extending the PSM guidance to address system-level measurement. This effort is being jointly sponsored by INCOSE. Garry Roedler (Lockheed Martin), and Bill Farr (NSWC)


Photos courtesy of Paul Janusz.
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