14th Annual PSM Users’ Group Conference:
Ensuring the Integrity of Measurement Information

New Orleans, Louisiana
26-30 July 2010

Conference Agenda


  Presentation Format Presenter
1 Conference Welcome and Introductions pdf Cheryl Jones
2 The Critical Role of Measurement in Defense Decision Making pdf Michael H. McLendon
3 Measures for Maintenance pdf Donald Reifer
4 Heuristics for Systems Engineering Cost Estimation pdf Ricardo Valerdi
5 We Value Fact-Based Decisions – We Just Don’t Have the Facts pdf Jack McGarry
Joanne Arias
6 Keynote: Common Problems in CMMI High Maturity Implementations pdf David Card
7 Process Measurement Using PSM pdf Bill Golaz
8 Improving Enterprise Decision-Making: The Benefits of Measure Commonality pdf Alissa H. Friedman
9 Introduction of New Ways of Working Driven by Measurements pdf Antonio Moya
10 Organizational Measurement – Not Just Addition pdf Peter Baxter
11 Improving ERP Cost Estimating in the DoD: Practical Measures for Estimating ERP Acquisitions pdf Wilson Rosa
Capt. Charles Silvanic
Travis Packard
Max Hodal
Brian Kolstad
12 Software Development Profile Model – A Case Study: Software Development Profile Model pdf Arya Khoshkhou
13 Building Cost Estimating Relationships for Acquisition Decision Support pdf Brad Clark
Ray Madachy
14 Historical Data Use in Software Estimation – Caveat Emptor! pdf David  DeWitt
15 Maximizing Value for Cost in Software Development pdf Paul Below
16 Information Category – Measurable Concept – Measure (ICM) Table Update Excel Cheryl Jones
17 Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) On-Line Course Excel Mike Denny
18 Managing an Established Measurement Programme   Peter Thomas


  Title Workshop Facilitator
1 Maintenance Measures and Measurement Donald Reifer
2 COSYSMO Requirements Volatility Workshop Ricardo Valerdi
Mauricio Peña
3 Services Measurement Andy Boyd
4 To Be Updated Tony Powell
5 Executability Measures Francis Anderson
6 Systems Engineering Size and Stability Peter Baxter
7 Process Performance - Project Level (Productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness) Mauricio Aguiar
Antonio Moya
Bill Golaz
8 Agile Measurement Dan Beisel
9 Affordability Peter McLoone
Jim Hoxsie
10 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Measures Celia Modell


PSM Members participate in several ways.

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