Integrating Measurement Requirements

Breckenridge, Colorado
20-23 July 1998


Training & Workshops
Photos  (Courtesy of Paul Janusz)


  Date Presentation Description Presenter
1 7/20/98 Conference Welcome and Announcements   Cheryl Jones (Conference Chair)
2 7/20/98 PSM Project Update This presentation provides a status of the PSM project and addresses future project plans and activities. Jack McGarry (PSM Project Manager)
3 7/20/98 Implementing PSM at Lockheed Martin Provides lessons learned in over two years of helping Lockheed Martin, government, and commercial organizations implement the Practical Software Measurement guidance. Tips for getting started, dealing with organizational versus project information needs, and advice for institutionalizing project measurement are discussed. Beth Layman (Lockheed Martin)
4 7/20/98 Increasing the Functionality of Metrics through Standardization Overview of software measurement standards and how they fit into the IEEE’s collection of software engineering practice standards presented. Current trends towards the integration of the IEEE collection with relevant international standards to achieve a strongly coordinated collection of standards in the areas of Project Management, Quality Management and Software Engineering addressed. Jim Moore (The MITRE Corporation)
5 7/20/98 PSM Insight and the Readiness Growth Model Summarizes the major features of the tool, which implements the PSM measurement process. In addition, the beta test version of the Readiness Growth Model, one of the initial PSM Insight analysis functions is discussed. Laura Dwinnell (PRC, Inc.), and Dave Morris (IEI, Inc.)
6 7/21/98 Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) [Part 1] and [Part 2] Discusses the CMM Integration project and associated products. The session focused on the revised technical structure of CMMI and application of the combined systems engineering, software engineering, and IPPD CMMs under a common integrating framework. Mike Zsak (OUSD(A&T) DTSE&E), and and Jack Ferguson (SEI)
7 7/21/98 Measurement Initiatives at the SEI Discusses current measurement efforts of the SEI’s Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis (SEMA) group. Topics will include measuring for process management and improvement, developing and implementing a software engineering information repository, and organizational performance measurement. Dr. David Zubrow (SEI)
8 7/21/98 ISO/IEC 15939 Overview This presentation describes the new ISO/IEC standard addressing the software measurement process. The current architecture and content of the working draft is described along with projected applications and extensions to systems engineering. David Card (Software Productivity Consortium)
9 7/21/98 Measuring Risk Management's Value In this presentation, the risk management program at Rockwell Collins, a large avionics engineering company, is described. The approach used to quantitatively and qualitatively demonstrate the value of risk management to senior management, as well as consider the implications for valuing measurement programs, are addressed. Dr. Robert Charette (ITABHI Corporation), Dr. Pat O'Brien (Rockwell Collins), and Mr. Art Gemmer (Rockwell Collins)
10 7/21/98 COCOMO II Describes what a parametric model is, how one is used, the need for data to calibrate the models, and calibrating COCOMO II. The discussion also describes the use of the PSM Insight tool to collect data for COCOMO II calibration. Dr. Brad Clark (Software Metrics, Inc.)
11 7/21/98 Benchmarking: Do You Have What It Takes? Discusses some of the "must haves" for successful benchmarking, and where you can find them. In particular, a benchmarking database sponsored by the International Function Points Users’ Group is described. It contains data from about 400+ software projects from a number of development environments and industries (including government functions). Charles Gold (International Function Point Users Group)
12 7/21/98 Implementing PSM at DCMC Describes how DCMC is in the process of implementing software measurement within the DCMC software training program and within the software surveillance recertification program. DCMC has a Performance Task that recommends the use of Practical Software Measurement (PSM) to promulgate objective software measurement throughout the Command. Guy Mercurio (DCMC)
13 7/21/98 Open Systems Engineering Measurement Process This presentation explores the Open Systems Engineering Measurement Process and how it can be applied to programs undertaking an Open Systems development approach. It provides a structure with which to understand, categorize and measure open systems engineering efforts. Norm Kowalski (NUWC), Jim Oblinger (NUWC), and Bill Peresta (NUWC)
14 7/21/98 PSM Future Directions and Guidance    
15 7/21/98 Product Engineering Measurement    
16 7/21/98 PSM Insight and Readiness Growth Model    
17 7/21/98 System Engineering Measurement    
18 7/21/98 Measurement for Process Improvement    
19 7/23/98 Conference Keynote: PSM and New Software Models The PSM (Practical Software Measurement) field faces a number of challenges as the software field evolves to new product models (object oriented, COTS-driven, product lines), new process models (evolutionary, incremental, spiral), and new success models (cost as independent variable, business case, stakeholder win-win). We have been encountering some of these challenges at USC in trying to reengineer the COCOMO II cost estimation model. What do you measure? Where do you start and stop counting? How do you model new software phenomena? We also encounter such challenges in trying to evolve a new software life cycle approach called MBASE (Model Based Architecting and Software Engineering). MBASE provides an approach for determining and integrating a project’s success models, product models, process models, and property models. It includes a set of useful new "anchor points" around which to measure and manage, and a start toward a new measurement framework, but a good deal remains to be done. This presentation summarizes MBASE and USC's experience in using it on over 30 digital library projects. Dr. Barry Boehm (USC)
19 7/23/98 Applying Measurement in Support of the FAA Systems Describes how the FAA is adapting PSM to address its system engineering and process improvement information requirements. Joe Caravello (FAA), Bob Laws (FAA), Don Gantzer (FAA), and Larry LaBruyere (FAA)
19 7/23/98 Birds of a Feather Session - COCOTS The FAA and DoD are sponsoring development of a COTS integration cost model (COCOTS). This work is being led by Barry Boehm of USC and Betsy Bailey of the PSM project is also participating in the model development. The basic model is in place, and the team is now looking for calibration data. This session provided attendees with more information about the COCOTS effort and solicited participation in providing data. Dr. Barry Boehm (USC), and Dr. Betsy Bailey (Software Metrics, Inc.)
20 7/23/98 PSM Future Directions and Guidance: Workshop Summary    
21 7/23/98 Product Engineering Measurement: Workshop Summary    
22 7/23/98 PSM Insight and Readiness Growth Model: Workshop Summary    
23 7/23/98 System Engineering Measurement: Workshop Summary    
24 7/23/98 Measurement for Process Improvement: Workshop Summary    
25 7/23/98 Conference Wrap-Up   Cheryl Jones (Conference Chair)

Training & Workshops

  Title Description Lead
1 PSM Training Course This 1/2 day course provides an overview of the guidance included in Practical Software Measurement: A Foundation for Objective Project Management, Version 3.1. Intended as an introduction for attendees with little or no prior PSM experience. Dr. Betsy Bailey (Software Metrics, Inc.), and Dr. Brad Clark (Software Metrics, Inc.)
2 PSM Future Directions and Guidance    
3 Product Engineering Measurement    
4 PSM Insight and Readiness Growth Model    
5 System Engineering Measurement    
6 Measurement for Process Improvement    


Photos courtesy of Paul Janusz.
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