Successful Integration of Measurement Across Disciplines

Vail, Colorado
24-28 July 2000


Photos  (Courtesy of Paul Janusz)


  Presentation Presenter
1 Conference Welcome Cheryl Jones, PSM Project Manager
2 Keynote Presentation - Measurement Along the Path to Operational Excellence Jim Sturges, Lockheed Martin
3 Keynote Presentation - Change, Challenges and Opportunities for DoD Software Intensive Systems and PSM Jack Ferguson, Director, Software Intensive Systems OUSD
4 Workshops to Jumpstart Measurement Planning Robert MacIver, Software Productivity Consortium
5 Lessons Learned from Applying PSM to Systems Engineering Christopher Miller, Software Productivity Consortium
6 Overcoming the Challenges of Estimating in New Development Environments Doug Putnam, Quantitative Software Management
7 Quality Costs and PSM Mike Bowern, Software Improvements Pty Ltd.
8 International Standards Report Jim Moore, Chairman, US Technical Advisory Group to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7
9 15939 Information Model Jack McGarry, Practical Software & Systems Measurement
10 Objective Demonstration of Process Maturity through Measures Perry DeWeese, Lockheed Martin
11 Practical Software & Systems Measurement and Analysis Cheryl Jones, Paul Janusz, US Army, TACOM-ARDEC
12 Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiatives LTC Tom Loper, Office of the Director for Information Systems for Command, Control, Communications and Computers
13 Object Oriented Measurement Khaled El Eman, National Research Council, Canada
14 DCMA CAS Process Guidebook Abstract Guy Mercurio, Defense Logistics Agency, DCMA Software Center
15 Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR) System Tom Coonce, OSD/PA&E Weapon Systems Cost Analysis Division
16 FAA's Experience with Process Improvement and Measurement Joe Caravello, FAA, Keith Krazert, FAA, and Don Gantzer, TRW
17 The Rapid Assessment of Software Process Capability Terry Rout, Software Quality Institute, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia


  Workshop Description
1 Interoperability This workshop will address the use and value of various measures and indicators of interoperability. Additionally, it will identify the information needs related to this type of development, including questions that need to be answered and decisions that need to be addressed by measurement.
2 Project justification measures This workshop continues the discussion in this Common Issue Area, as a start for PSM work on Organizational Measurement
3 COTS integration costs The workshop facilitator will present a brief overview to the COCOTS cost model as a starting point. Participants are encouraged to bring any other models or frameworks. Discussion will center on additional cost drivers for both development and maintenance of COTS-intensive systems.
4 Tools for project management During the workshop, attendees will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each tool. The participants will be asked to describe their tools, data, measures, and indicators.
5 Object-oriented measurement During this workshop, the use and value of various OOD measures will be addressed. Additionally the information needs related to object oriented developments will be addressed, including questions that need to be answered and decisions that need to be addressed by OO measurement.
6 Process improvement readiness measures This workshop will extend the effort started in the February 2000 TWG meeting, where a team brainstormed a set of useful measures in a common issue area named Process Improvement Readiness. The categories considered and many of the measures suggested then were said to be part of the Process Improvement Process Area of ISO 15504.
7 Measurement plan template This workshop intends to continue the work already started to develop a clear, concise, useful Measurement Plan Template. During the workshop, the existing DRAFT Measurement Plan Template will be presented and a document review on the template will be done. Feedback from workshop participants will be collected, compiled, and synthesized.
8 Integration of systems and software earned value program management Earned Value Project Management has been with us for years, mostly at the system level. Suppose you have a customer who requires EVPM and you're used to doing it for systems level financial management, but you want to get the value out of doing it at the software level, too.
9 Measures for spiral/evolutionary developments This workshop will identify the information needs related to this type of development, including questions that need to be answered and decisions that need to be addressed by measurement. These information needs will then be mapped to existing measures. Effective measures and indicators that support these information needs will be identified, along with any gaps existing technologies.
10 Process improvement project measures This workshop will work through the PSM v4.0 measurement specifications and add a segment to each relevant measure that describes its use for process improvement projects.
11 Systems engineering products and processes The focus for this workshop is on the creation of a set of guidelines that can be followed when using the PSM process to identify and apply measures that are specific to SE products and processes.
12 Contractor cost data reporting system At this workshop, an overview of the CCDR software metrics proposal will be provided. Attendees are asked to bring a completed form for at least one project within their organization that is either complete or nearly complete, along with comments about the ease of use of the form.


Photos courtesy of Paul Janusz.
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